A&D wines

Located in the sub-region of Baião, on top of the hill, overlooking the valley with a clear distinction between the Douro and the Vinho Verde, A&D wines is one hell of a gorgeous estate.

Quinta de Santa Teresa was acquired in 2015 by Alexandre Gomes and his wife Dialina, two passionate engineers. With the casa de Arrabalde and Quinta dos Espinhoso that they already owned, it’s a total of 45 ha which they completely transformed in a short amount of time into A&D wines project. Dialina remembers when they first arrived, at the estate, before any organic process was triggered, it was lifeless and weeded. Now, the estate is lush, filled with a diversity of flowers and animals. Infrastructures are now being put in place to encourage wine tourism and make the most of this unique location.

They even found a more than 200 years old Avesso Vine. Baião being the home of this superb and rich variety which is gaining popularity especially as a monovarietal . It’s not the only old vines of the estate and they are a very important part of the A&D style. Besides the local Avesso, the whole Monólogo serie, the newest references from the estate since 2015, showcase singular unique parcels with specific varietals, including Arinto, Chardonnay, Malvasia Fina and Sauvignon Blanc.