The elegance, finesse and balance of Antinori wines

Antinori – Te Duce Proficio (free translation: Following your advice I flourish)

The Antinori family has been making wine for 26 generations since 1385. It is the 10th oldest family business in Italy and one of the most important wine companies. Its roots are in Tuscany, but over time the company has expanded and is now represented in several regions of Italy in Umbria, Puglia, Piedmont, Lombardy and Italy and in other countries and regions such as Napa Valley, Washington State, Chile and Hungary.
Although they are perceived as being traditional, Antinori has been a pioneer in the integration of international grape varieties in the making of its wines which has been the cornerstone of its success with its Bolgheri wines. As Marchese Piero Antinori likes to say: “Our ancient roots play an important role in what we do but they have never hindered our spirit of innovation’’.
Today, the company is managed by Albiera Antinori along with his sisters Allegra and Alessia who are directly involved in the company. Marchese Piero is now the honorary president of the company.
“We have demonstrated, over the years, that in Tuscany and in Umbria there was the possibility of producing excellent wines, widely recognized at an international level, which showed both elegance and finesse while maintaining their original character. Our library contains many volumes, but for us it is not rich enough. We have a mission that has not yet been entirely carried out, something that drives us to express the vast potential of our vineyards and to reconcile new discoveries yet to be disclosed with the patrimony of Tuscan style. A patrimony which includes tradition, culture, agriculture, art, and literature all of which represents the identity of the Marchesi Antinori company. One of our main strengths is the fact that we are Tuscan or, if you prefer, our fundamentally Tuscan character”, says Piero Antinori.: Piero Antinori.

During a recent trip to Italy, I made sure to visit the new Antinori winery which is located in Tuscany, in San Casciano near Florence. And what a visit it was ! First, the architecture is simply breathtaking! The contours and shape of the buildings are in perfect harmony with the landscape. From the highway you know that the winery is there, but you can’t really see it as it blends so well with nature. And the visit was in a class by itself and the guides were quite knowledgeable. Well, I tested them with a few questions…and you know what&? They really knew their stuff. And the wines…well I must say I have always been an Antinori fan. Anyway, if you ever go to Tuscany, make sure you visit the new Antinori winery.


The tours

They have various tours that range in price and experience.
Barriccaia Tour. A Journey to meet the Antinori Family.
The Barriccaia visit offers guests an introduction to the world of Marchesi Antinori and their wines. On this guided tour, visitors will gain insight into the Antinori family history, see how a wine is produced and enjoy the winery’s innovative architecture. The tour culminates with a tasting of three of our estate-grown wines.

Bottaia Tour. Experiencing a Never Ending Passion.
The Bottaia Tour is a comprehensive tour for wine enthusiasts who want to explore the winery’s most suggestive and unusual spaces. Visitors will be led through six centuries of Antinori family history in a multidisciplinary experience: enology, architecture and wine tasting. The tour concludes with the tasting of four wines in the suggestive suspended tasting room or in the exclusive Bottaia room.

Bottaia CRU Tour. Understanding the winemaking philosophies of Marchesi Antinori.
The Bottaia CRU tour is a comprehensive overview of Marchesi Antinori’s winemaking philosophy. The cellars become the ideal venue to better understand our best CRU’s, guests are invited to taste seven wines in an unforgettable experience that wine lovers cannot miss. Tasting takes place in the suspended tasting room or in the Bottaia room followed by lunch in our restaurant, Rinuccio 1180.
The tour lasts about two hours and half.

Experience. A Winery Tour Made to Measure.
A tour of our winery tailored to your specifications to help you become better acquainted with Marchesi Antinori and our most iconic wines. Marchesi Antinori has always been committed to nurturing its vineyards, its passion for the Tuscan territory and promoting and preserving the fine arts. A personalized tour and wine tasting experience can be personalized exclusively for you.