A visit at Champagne Deutz

Champagne is something truly unique in many ways. There’s an aura and mood surrounding this name that is both precise and mysterious at the same time. It’s a mythic and exciting product that reached impressive distinction and status. This prominence has affected the appellation but also brands in a more specific ways. The truth is behind its unique character, the champagne hides a mosaic of micro-terroirs, a vast array of definite styles and overall a multifaceted personality. What is the true differentiation between a bottle and another? What is the authentic spirit and world of each of the prestigious houses?

Give out love for Champagne Deutz, it deserves it. Even one of their Prestige cuvée is called Amour de Deutz. Often considered as “the best kept secret of Champagne”, the same could be said of the lovely, charming castle in the center of Aÿ. Champagne Deutz, one of the founding members of the Syndicat des Grandes Marques, was established in 1882 by William Deutz et Hubert Geldermann and remained in the same very central location in Aÿ ever since. It was bearing both name at first, Deutz-Gelbermann. The house is celebrating its 180th anniversary this year but doesn’t have one wrinkle on its image.

Overall, the style is an agile and skilled balance between the depth and character the best pinot noirs Aÿ can provide and the elegance and enlightening aspect of Chardonnay. It shows a knowledge of the different Grand cru and Premier cru terroirs and thrives from interesting long-term relationships with their quality growers and producers within specific and beneficial locations. With land ownership being so costly and hard to acquire because of competition, houses that didn’t start out as big owners don’t really have a choice but to turn out to the thousands of producers. This special relation between Maisons and growers is at the very basis of the regions history and unity. The Deutz style is a dense and tense one, definitely destined to connoisseurs and appreciative of distinction and finesse. Between the brut Classic, which has been revisited to become one of the most appreciated non-vintage brut of the big houses, especially among sommeliers to which the marketing is targeted, and the polished sheen of the special Amour de Deutz. In all the products, there’s an unspoken sophistication, tension joined by the impressive quality level and complexity, yet with a very approachable and silky texture.  Deutz obviously have a traditional approach, yet with its blend of all styles and general outstanding quality it still appeal to every market, consumers of every age, the new wave of sommeliers as well as the established, and every wine lovers out there.